Rev. Topher Mehlhoff has served as pastor of St. Germain United Church of Christ since September 2015. Prior to that, he has served several churches as a director of youth ministries. Before earning his Masters of Divinity at Iliff School of Theology, he received Associate’s degree in Theatre and a BFA in Film Studies. He was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he met his wife, Amy. Topher and Amy have two sons and a new baby daughter.

Topher is passionate about the bible being a progressive book about the love affair between God and people. He strives to create sermons that are relatable but transcendent. If you wish to have a good conversation with him, here are some topics he would enjoy talking about: board games, comic books, comedy podcasts, the music of Les Claypool, making/eating pizza.

Topher is an enneagram 7 and a Myers-Briggs INFP. His astrological sign is Cancer, and his shoe size is 12 1/2.

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Rev. Topher Mehlhoff

St. Germain United Church of Christ

Worship Service Sunday 9:30 AM

Coffee Hour Sunday 10:30 AM

AA Meetings Thursdays 7:00 PM